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I remember the first time I sat down to an empty homepage to try and figure out what to write.

That blinking cursor teasing me.

I stared at that screen for way too long. I got up, I procrasti-cleaned, I ate a ridiculous amount of chocolate and I took way too long to work out what to say, do or include on my website.

Thankfully in 2019/2020 there are a lot of places that I can go for inspiration (my Pinterest account and Facebook page are full of resources to help!)

But that can also lead to information overload and procrastination. When we have too many options available we tend to throw everything but the kitchen sink at our websites – and it’s far from strategic.

A confused mind never buys.

Read that again. When our brains are confused or we need to make hard decisions, it’s wired to make us back away and run the opposite direction. 

This is where strategy comes into play on your website and your entire online presence and it’s the reason that I recorded todays video for you. 

To help my former self and current you I wanted to talk about the ONE question that you need to answer before starting a website.

The # 1 Question that you need to answer before hiring a website designer

4 out of 5 DIY websites never make a profit. In today's video I'll be talking about the # 1 question that you need to answer to stop this happening to you!

Posted by Morris Bear Website Design & Sales Strategy on Monday, 9 December 2019

So my question to you is what is the ONE action that you want your potential client to take on your website?

Let me know in the comments below. 

Em x

P.S. Want to know what it takes to build a profitable website? Check out The Elevate Formula – The Three Simple Steps to a Strategic Website that attracts your ideal clients, positions you as an expert and sells out your services!

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Emma Winch is a Conversion Focused Website Designer with a passion for usability, customer focus and brand strategy

Hi, I'm Em!

A website designer and WordPress expert with a passion for helping women launch and grow successful online businesses and become financially independent.

I help mother hustlers launch client generating websites and become the ultimate authority in their industry so that they can raise their rates, sell out their services book clients consistently.

I also offer a range of conversion designed wordpress templates and tools to grow your online business.

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