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Last year Google and YouTube made some big changes to the YouTube Live streaming options and discontinued the use of Google Hangouts.

This left webinar hosts struggling with how to include slides in a LIVE presentation – primarily for offering live webinars hosted on your own website without additional software.

The good news is the awesome folks over at Lightstream ( have got an EPIC solution for you.

With a bit of confidence and this step by step guide to using YouTube Live and Lightstream to host your webinar without any additional software, you’ll be hosting your own webinars in no time.

If you’d like to see how the entire process of hosting a webinar can be built into your own website check out the Free Masterclass:

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In this free class, you’ll learn;

* The simple tech process to set up your first sales funnel – without wanting to throw your laptop out the window

* The THREE low-cost pieces of software that you’ll need to run all of your sales funnels – Without having to max out your credit cards or sell your children.

* The step by step process behind 90% of the sales funnels on the internet – and how you can STEAL them and start generating clients straight away!

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